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PocketCM Keyboard v0.14

This is an old version (stable) There is a newer version available (complete rewrite) that you can also download. The new version add support for more layout, more setting, vibrate on press, better landscape support, VGA support, nicer graphics and better dictionary support. However, the new version is more new, so may contains more bugs and be less stable.
PocketCM Keyboard is currently available for free, for evaluation and personal use only. You are not allowed to redistribute the binary in any form (zip, sharing site, upload on forums, ROM, ...). If you need PocketCM for non-personal use, please contact me.

You should also agree with the licence agreement before using PocketCM Keyboard.


PocketCM Keyboard 0.14 CAB version
Do not publish binary on your site, link to this page! Also please inform me if you publish it on your website.

What's new in 0.14? (03/28/2008)

Updating from previous versionPlease remember to uninstall previous version, soft-reset your device, then install the newest version in order to avoid any conflist
  • Autocomplete feature (will propose to complete a word if no other suggestion can be made)
  • 2 gesture support: space and backspace (slide left to right, or right to left)
  • Internal change in the data structure, should be a lot faster and consume a less memory
  • Bug fixes: option dialog, layout association dropped after selecting a skin, ...
  • Updated some layout and dictionary
  • Thanks to all the people that have donated for PocketCM software, and due to the lack of free time, I've decided to remove the time limitation in PocketCM Keyboard, you can now use it for free (personal use), without any restriction in feature or timing. Of course, donations are still appreciated!

What's new in 0.13? (01/13/2008)

  • Fixed option dialog scrolling
  • Performance improvement

What's new in 0.12? (11/28/2007)

Important For VGA Support, please download a VGA skin, for instance this one. Unzip the file of this zip archive in the PocketCM Keyboard directory (\program files\pcmkeyboard\ for most of us) (Thanks Damian!)
  • Added option to set the delay for the feedback to show
  • Bug fixes: positionning of feedback in PCM
  • Bug fixes: sometimes preferences weren't saved properly
  • Performance improvement

If you have trouble running this version please try it from PocketCM Contacts and provide some feedback.

What's new in 0.11? (10/27/2007) - RC3

  • 0.11bFixes bug in keyboard position in PCM, and should fix symbol issue for rightmost symbol pad
  • 0.11bUpdated german layout (thanks Krille)
  • Bug fixes for VGA support
  • Performance improvement
  • Feedback windows appear after a short delay (or after sliding the finger), allow faster typing
  • Keyboard position should be more coherent
  • No more fade animation for symbol pad (faster typing, for just a little less eye candy)
  • Bug fixes for symbol pad

What's new in 0.10? (09/25/2007) - RC2

This is another bug fixes release, the objective is to get a stable version before starting adding big new feature. However, some nice stuff are there.
  • Performance improvement while typing SMS and mail
  • Better landscape support: the key are larger
  • Better handling of switching from landscape to portrait
  • Update layout
    • German Layout (thanks Krille)
    • Polish Layout (thanks Mr Groch)
    • Portuguese (thanks kalavera)
  • Bug fixes

What's new in 0.9b? (09/12/2007) - RC

Important For VGA Support, please download a VGA skin, for instance this one. Unzip the file of this zip archive in the PocketCM Keyboard directory (\program files\pcmkeyboard\ for most of us) (Thanks Damian!)

If you have trouble running this version please try it from PocketCM Contacts and report some feedback.
This is another bug fixes release.
  • 0.9b: fix bug with suggestion in Excel
  • 0.9b: fix bug with symbol pad on ',' key
  • Speed improvement: you should be able to type really fast
  • Memory optimization
  • Bug fixes for layout containing \[\]
  • New default french (franšais) layout

What's new in 0.8? (09/03/2007)

This is mainly a bug fixes release.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Suggestion box disappear if leaving input box
    • Better suggestion handling
    • Typing fast after autocorrection doesn't make wrong suggestion anymore
    • Layout issue with "\\" fix
    • Symbol pad now appear near the symbol letter if they don't fill the screen width
    • Using arrow key break suggestion
    • Tapping on "add word" then moving the finger out will not add to dictionary anymore
    • Key notation using [#...] now support larger letter
    • Fixed setting saving, now setting layout then skin won't drop layout setting change
    • Switching to landscape now redraw the keyboard correctly
    • Other minor bugfixes
  • Speed improvment
  • New keyboard icon, however please give feedback about the future icon here.

What's new in 0.7? (08/27/2007)

  • Option screen now allows you to choose the current dictionary
  • New dictionary file name: the extension has to be "dict", not "txt" (note that custom word, remains in word.txt)
  • Support for key trigger more than one letter (for instance, choosing the "..." key will simulate three typing of '.')
  • Feedback is also show for symbol keys
  • Suggestion shouldn't be shown for password
  • 0.7 is also a bug fixes release
    • Fixed memory leak
    • Fixed some issue related to theme and dictionary loading
    • Symbol pad sometimes appear above the window

What's new in 0.6? (08/24/2007)

(Download this old version)
  • 0.6 is a bug fixes release
    • Fixed crash when tapping on some part of the keyboard
    • Feedback disappeared after moving out of the kb
    • Memory leak with suggestion
    • Suggestion with letter from symbol pad were buggy
    • Keyboard disappeared after moving out from symbol pad without selecting a letter
    • Symbol pad was only available on special characters
    • Some timer weren't killed properly, possible battery drain
  • Multiple symbol pad can be defined on any key

What's new in 0.5? (08/21/2007)

(Download this old version)
  • Build-in copy/cut/paste (press enter key for 250ms)
  • Automatic back space repeat
  • Double tap on shift key to lock
  • Customizable symbol pad (available on any key trough settings)
  • Customizable image on every key (through settings)
  • More key available for layout: tab, esc, home, end, etc...
  • Feedback window now is always centered
  • Bug fixes (row number, etc...) and optimization

What's new in 0.4? (08/19/2007)

(Download this old version)
  • Option dialog (deactivate autocompletion, choose layout and skin)
  • New skin: "Dream"
  • Speed optimization
  • Better support for more row: now the number of row is determined by the layout, you can even have different number of row for each layout.
  • Better localization support
  • Suggestion box positioning improvment
  • Bug fixes
  • For VGA Support, please download a VGA skin, for instance this one. Unzip the file of this zip archive in the PocketCM Keyboard directory (\program files\pcmkeyboard\ for most of us) (Thanks Damian!)
  • Clean uninstall: uninstalling the keyboard should cleanly remove the keyboard from the list

What's new in 0.3b? (08/16/2007)

(Download this old version)
  • 0.3b Fixed issue with skinning (not able to load images) and enable Windows Mobile suggestion in messaging app.
  • Performance optimization
  • Bug fixes
  • Skin support
  • More settings
  • Ability to disable auto-correction

What's new in 0.2?

  • Suggestion box is placed near the caret
  • Suggestion box color (can be customized)
    • Green: I'm gonna replace your text with that
    • Blue: your word seems correct, tap here for alternative
    • Red: I don't know your word or any near word, is it a new one?
  • Suggestion can be undone: after fixing your text, a button with your previous text appear, tap on it to go back
  • Shift key (can't be locked yet, it's coming)
  • Tap and hold symbol key for 500ms and quick symbol will appear, choose your symbol and release (perfect to quickly tap a ? or ! without switching keyboards)
  • Performance improvment
  • Bug fixes
  • Better default english dictionary (and smaller)
  • Support for VGA devices
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