Three Simple Household Chores that Will Keep you Healthier

Three Simple Household Chores that Will Keep you Healthier

They say when a woman gets married and bears children, she tends to age faster and look less appealing. Some would even say that this is the reason why husbands lose appetite in the relationship and get attracted to someone else. While this is outright wrong and should never be the case, the sad truth is, it happens.

This is one reason for us, women, to still try to look awesome despite our circumstances. If you are a Mom who has chosen to work at home or not work at all in order to take care of the kids, you might want to know some ways on how to keep yourself fit, mentally healthy, and pretty even when your days mostly involve doing some chores at home.


Doing the laundry

While going to the laundromat to get your clothes cleaned might be the most convenient way to escape a tiring household chore, you may use this activity to help you stay fit. Do you know that 30 minutes of digging can make you lose more than 300 calories? This is exactly what you do when transferring the clothes from the hamper to the washing machine. You also do this same activity when you hang the newly-washed clothes.

So instead of resorting to the easier yet unhealthier way of getting this chore done, why don’t you do the laundry on your own? The benefits far outweigh the setbacks. Doing the laundry means having an instant exercise without having to go to the gym. It will also save you money and most of all, ensure that none of your clothes will get lost.


Watering the plants

Sure, there are advanced yard maintenance devices that will allow you to sit back and relax while they keep your outdoor plants healthy and well-maintained. But every once in a while, you can do the watering on your own. This simple activity will get you moving from point A to point B and will require you to exert some effort in extending your arms to reach through the plants in your garden.

Watering your plants will also reconnect you to nature. It’s a precious time to appreciate these wonderful creations, enjoy their beauty, and get refreshed. Sing to them as you splash water on them because there’s little proof in science that they actually respond to external interactions.


Washing the dishes

Too busy to make an analysis before diving into a big change in your life? Wash the dishes. Yes, washing the dishes may be one of those tasks that sound mundane and non-sense especially with automatic dishwashers available in the market.

But come to think of it, when you wash the dishes manually, you’ll have time to de-stress your mind and focus on what matters. This simple task that only requires a little physical effort will untangle the mental and emotional knots inside your head as you wipe the grease from the dishes and give you time to think things over without any pressure in mind at all. Try it and you’ll see.

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