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PocketCM development going more than ever!

I got a new phone, VGA one, I'm working to make the next version of PocketCM Contact better for landscape, that includes enhanced performances, better responsiveness, better default theme support, etc... stay tuned! (for those who can't wait, they can get the daily build).

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What is it?

PocketCM is a set of finger friendly and customizable applications for windows mobile developed by Quentin Pouplard (aka tene, qpouplard // gmail.com ).

PocketCM Contact Manager allows you to scroll your list of contacts, call and edit them. It is the first finger friendly application developed by Quentin (actually, it is the rewrite of its .Net version, ContactManager) and was followed by PocketCM Keyboard which quickly became one of the best virtual SIP out there for Windows Mobile.

Other experiences are under development: PocketCM ImageViewer proposes flow and grid options to view your favorite picturesí albums. Finally, PocketCM Calendar is still a test version which purpose is to experiment what is possible with calendar on a Windows Mobile device using the PocketCM framework.

Why is PocketCM different from other mobile applications:

  • It can be used with fingers, no need to get your stylus. For instance, finding contacts with your finger is really easy and different: if you press you finger on the left or right border of the screen it will allow you to select the letter you're searching for; release the finger, it will show you the contacts starting with this letter. Why does it work? Human being cannot point directly to the right letter on a small screen, however humans are very precise while moving their finger. So you press the screen, see the feedback, adjust the position to the right letter... and you're done! The same technique is applied to the keyboard.
  • It's animated: You can scroll your contact list or the pictures from your favorite files with your finger in a natural movement, the transition between various screens is animated.
  • PocketCM proposes unique features that you cannot find in other softwares. Just try them! You can set contact as favorites, they will appear in the favorite list, perfect to get a quicklist of contacts under the finger.
  • In each PocketCM applications, you can customize about everything by changing the setting.ini or the layout skin: color, font, background image, etc...

Is it free?

Yes it is free, for your personal use only (in short: you can use for anything you want, you just can't redistribute it... however you can point anybody to this website). Even more if you want PocketCM to stay free and support my work, consider making a donation. Anything is appreciated and will encourage me to continue the development of PocketCM as a freeware. To make a donation please use:

Can I post this application to my website?

If you want to post information about this application, please reference this website. Do not provide direct download link.
Also because feedback and comments are important for me, please drop me a mail (qpouplard // gmail.com).
If you want to publish this application on your site, please contact me first.
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